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About Pakmart

The Market

The market for the company’s products cuts across all sectors of the economy. Key among them are ship chandlers, fishing companies, airline companies, the diplomatic community, international organizations, free zone companies, transit passengers within the designated entry border points.


The company follows a pricing policy, which is competitive in its expected target markets. Pricing strategy focus is on market penetration and expansion.


A major strength of Pakmart is the established relationships the company has with its clients and its links with key suppliers. This links ensure timely supply of quality goods at competitive prices. Additionally, the company benefits from the entrepreneurial capacity of the key promoter, Mr. Sam Adabla, an entrepreneur who has achieved success in diverse business undertakings. Sam works with a highly competent team that has significant knowledge in this field.


Pakmart’s main opportunities lie in the huge local and foreign market for the company’s products. Shipping and fishing vessels plying the coasts of Ghana do provide the company with enormous opportunities. Travelling passengers between the selected entry points provide the company with the opportunity of supplying goods to the neighbouring countries at duty free prices.

The oil exploration currently taking place in Ghana has opened a new window for Pakmart. Opportunities exist in supplies to vessels carrying crude and other supply item to the rigs through chandlers. The company being a Free Zone company, has an edge over companies operating in the duty paid market and is strategically located to do these supplies.

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Phone: +233 303 205028
Ground Floor Soli Fisheries Building,
Tema Fishing Harbour,
Tema, Ghana.
P.O. Box TT 687, Tema New Town, Ghana
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